Building My New Home With Oak Beams On The Interior

I have been wanting to build a home and my husband and I have been discussing ideas of what we want. We wanted to wait a little while after coming up with the idea because we wanted to make sure we have it built exactly the way we want and with the things we want.

I have been looking online for ideas about homes and trying to figure out how I want mine to look. We have both agreed that we want a cabin like home that is a little larger. I have been saving some ideas on Pinterest of everything that I like and am thinking about. I have been showing my husband as I find things so I can see what he says. Recently, I have found several pictures of homes with oak beams on the interior. I really love the look of this and want to have my home done on the inside. It looks so nice and it also has a rustic cabin like look to it. I showed this to my husband and he agrees that he likes it as well. I am going to keep saving ideas that I find so we can figure out exactly how large we want it and were we want everything located.

I told him to start looking for a home builder that has a good reputation of building homes with oak beams on the interior. I told him to ask around and ask them for pictures of their work so we can get a better idea of what their work will look like before we hire them. We want to make sure everything is just perfect and hiring the wrong contractor could mess up our plans. He said he is going to talk to a few of his friends that recently built homes to see what they can tell him about the contractors they hired. We already have the property that we want to build on, but knowing exactly what we want and how we want it is what is holding us back. I think that once we talk to a home builder, they will be able to help us come up with an idea of how we want our home built and where everything would work the best at such as the rooms and the kitchen and bathrooms.

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