Make Sure You Choose The Perfect Bed

This week we discuss a much loved topic and a part of the home where we actually spend the most time. That’s right, it’s time to talk about beds. Finding the right bed is incredibly important, and in order to so you must also choose the best bed shop. Getting plenty of sleep each night can be quite difficult. There are a few ways of making sure you sleep great and feel refreshed each morning, even if you don’t get enough sleep. To stop yourself from feeling restless and awake on a night you could limit the amount of caffeine you have after about 2pm, you can make sure you get regular exercise and also to keep the room dark when you go to sleep. This means that if you do this and keep the bed just for sleeping, your body will know that once it’s in bed it needs to sleep. You could also try going to bed at the same time every night and avoid having a lie in on your days off, so this keeps your body in a better routine. To try waking yourself up on a morning, when you first wake up expose yourself to bright sunlight or use light therapy.


bed shops wiganWe spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, therefore it makes sense to spend time and money a mattress you know that’s best for you. Many people think you need to get a firm orthopaedic mattress but if it’s too firm this can result in hyperlordosis. Hyperlordosis is when the spine in your lower back has excessive curvature. You want to look for a mattress which is soft enough to sink into but firm enough to support you. Also, sleeping on your side tends to avoid long-term back problems. When it comes to pillows, if you sleep on your side then you will want a firmer pillow, if you sleep on your front you will want a very flat pillow and if you sleep on your back you will want a softer one; to keep your neck in line with your spine. Then with your mattress it’s all about surface area and pressure, because the more of your body that is in contact with the mattress, mean that there’s less pressure on your hips and shoulders. A good mattress will be able to provide comfort and support, which will help to relieve back pain.

You will want to start by looking around local bed stores and trying out different beds, this is better than just looking at them. You want to think about the size of our room and compare this with the size of the bed you’re looking at a great local place to buy beds and mattresses in Wigan would be The Bedroom Place. They sourced their beds from the finest manufacturers and wholesalers. Some of the bed types that they sell would be kid’s beds, fabric beds, metal beds, divan beds and also ottoman & TV beds in Wigan.