A Guide To The Different Types Of Equipment Used For Successful Fort Worth Towing

The majority of car drivers will at some point in their lives have to use a car towing service. This is not a situation any of us wish to experience, but it is a situation that can present itself at any time. Fortunately, there are various options available to deal with the issue of a broken-down car including the actual towing of the vehicle. This article will discuss the nitty-gritty of towing in Fort Worth with a particular focus on the different equipment required to make the tow successful. More: Fort Worth Towing.

What Equipment Is Required To Successfully Tow A Vehicle?

The first consideration to make when towing a car is the equipment needed for the act. The type of equipment used is dependent greatly on the vehicle being towed and the degree of security you want when towing. Below are some options available for people who wish to tow their own car; as well as a breakdown of the different situations where the option would be suitable.

• The Tow Dollies

Tow dollies typically present as two-wheel dollies that can hold two of the vehicle’s wheels while the other two wheels roll on the ground. The two wheels rolling on the ground are pulled along because the end of the car is hitched up onto the towing equipment. It is important that these rolling wheels are free-rolling because they can cause damage to the transmission if set in place; therefore, placing the vehicle in need of repair.

Tow dollies are ideal in situations where the car requiring towing is a two-wheel drive vehicle. All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles may be towed, but the drive shaft will need to be disconnected before hitching the car to the equipment.

• The Tow Trailers

Both closed and open tow trailers are beneficial options when attempting to two all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles. For an effective tow in these situations, it is recommended that all wheels are off the ground to avoid any damage to the car’s transmission. If you choose to use a closed trailer, there is the added benefit of protection from the environment and security for the vehicle.

• The Tow Bar

A tow bar is a system designed to connect the towing vehicle with the towed vehicle. It is sometimes confused with a tow hitch, but it operates in a different fashion because it connects both vehicles in a way that they are allowed to turn independently.

The tow bar is beneficial to use because it is potentially the least costly towing option. Unfortunately, it is also the least sturdiest of all towing equipment and less secure than most alternatives.