Getting A Charge Card After Bankruptcy Can Happen If Consider The Right Steps

October 13th, 2014

The first thing you need to do is figure out whether you’re eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13. And, if you fail that test you may qualify for Chapter 11, repayment. Regardless of national rank, those who are aware of the specialty in which they are interested in pursuing should seek out applications at institutions who offer specific programs in that particular field. Here, we examine points that are specific to the Chapter 7 means test.

We might be looking for a bankruptcy-solutions bankruptcy attorney how-to guide, or just simply free Bankruptcy information. Your attorney should have previously supplied you with this short document. The second one is to protect your future earnings. The class time will make you understand a lot better the whole process that is involved with obtaining a CDL from your state.

Trustee’s office to provide these mandatory courses to debtors needing to do it yourself bankruptcy. Once again, there are organizations that will waive these fees and offer the courses for free for certain individuals. Persons who filed for Chapter 13 will need to attend a repayments plan confirmation or denial hearing before a judge who will confirm the plan. The bankruptcy code, however, contains language that creates certain types of exempt property.

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy will give you some peace of mind, but be prepared also to handle its effects on your credit history. Whether you are filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or you’re not even sure that bankruptcy is necessary for you right now, talk to an attorney who specializes in this area of the law. Once the debtor addresses his bankruptcy plan during the creditors’ meeting, he must hand over properties that can be liquidated to pay off secured creditors.

The main differences between Missouri and bankruptcy in illinois filings will be the trustee, the exemptions, and the local court rules. There are 100 federal districts and each district has its own court for this purpose. Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules stipulate that a business, even sole proprietorship is ineligible for filing under this chapter. Do your research rather than making financial decisions blindly. But it can be a real blessing for those seeking relief from a crushing debt burden.

Beginning in June, we started making a record of every call we got. If confirmed part of the remaining balance of the debts will be written bankruptcy rules off once the repayment period has ended. You will surely want to venture out when the sun is up.

At a glance, this seems a more favorable option for some debtors. Filing bankruptcy under chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code, costs almost 250 to 350 dollars depending upon the specific case. Large companies like department stores will usually write it off as a loss when you file, but smaller businesses may object.

The same presumption is made when it’s a cash advance of more than $750 within seventy days of filing. Whoever said “less is more” was wrong when it comes to paying credit card minimums. People can give you number of different advices in mane of bankruptcy help and you may also fall in trap of scammers trying to take advantage of your ignorance. Team Bacardi has had anywhere from 15 riders to nearly 300 riders in 2010.

Nevada’s first gold discoveries

November 26th, 2013

A rattle­snake squirms under a board as I lean down to read a small plaque. It turns out to be another with the inscription “Unknown.”Hunkered in the glowing dust of late after­noon, I imagine a life swept out of Europe to the immense experiment called America and into this sudden explosion of wagoneers’ cries, hammering, gunshots, church bells, dance hall music, and raggedy dreams. The stones around me remember that when all 16 lead-silver smelter furnaces were going, two things couldn’t seem to survive: cats and babies. Rest in peace, all you whom the earth took in return for its metals.

Nevada’s first gold discoveries came north of Eureka near Battle Mountain, as early as 1847. Marion Fisher arrived in 1928 and worked as a miner until an injury forced him into an aboveground job. He kept an interest in prospecting, and in 1955 bought up gold claims he called the Bootstrap Mine. Not much glittered in its veins. But as Marion’s persistent digging helped reveal, the precious metal lay everywhere, disseminated as microscopic particles throughout the entire rock formation. Such formations underlie the region along parallel trends that run for a hundred miles and more. A shame the ore assays out as too low-grade to go after.

Or so went the thinking of mining compa­nies a few decades ago, with gold stuck at $35 an ounce. Lately, though, this looks like the mother of mother lodes. Marion laughs. “Back then, the few geologists left around here were mostly out of work. Now there’s one behind every sagebrush.” It may be a biogeochemist prospecting the bush itself. With its highly developed root system.

Artemisia tridentata draws water and miner­als from an underground area the size of a house, selectively concentrating certain ele­ments that provide clues about ore.

The rush for invisible gold is on—in pits the size of canyons, where one man operat­ing a giant shovel can load a 100-ton truck every few minutes. At some sites the ore is crushed, piled high, and sprinkled with a cyanide solution in a gold-extracting process called heap leaching. At one property, with bulging gold veins as well as microscopic gold, video monitors and security guards with rifles patrol the pits. Drill samples sometimes travel in an armored truck.

Gambling remains the state’s number one industry, mining 3.7 billion dollars in 1987. Still, primarily due to northern Nevada, U. S. gold production leaped from 30 metric tons in 1979 to more than 150 metric tons, surpassing Canada’s output to place us third, behind South Africa and the U.S.S.R.

Tapping another subterranean resource—hot water and steam—several geothermal power plants have appeared in the region. More wait in the planning stages. Watching a geyser spew rainbows at the brussels apartments for rent, I’m reminded that some geologists believe the gold deposits formed as hot springs systems invaded faults, altering the rocks’ mineral composition. The heat comes from magma close beneath the crust, which is stretched thin across the Great Basin. Northward, more hot rock welled up into Washington, southwestern Idaho, and east­ern Oregon to build the Columbia Plateau.

The outside world took notice

October 12th, 2013

That was the month, April 1942, that would break the back of this sea girt land if it was to be broken. The number of air-raid alerts averaged close to ten a day, the highest for any single month during the three years of World War II that Malta lay under siege. The Brussels apartments took a Ger­man bomb and was destroyed. But the ruins would remain there, just inside the old gates to the city, as a symbol of the terrible ordeal of that month.

The outside world took notice of Malta’s suffering, and on April 15, 1942, King George VI of Great Britain awarded the is­land the George Cross: “To honour her brave people . . . to bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history.” A representation of the cross now appears on the Maltese flag.

SINCE THE DAY the war ended, the bombs stopped falling, and the Maltese emerged from the underground shelters, there has hardly been a time here, it seems, when the streets were not giv­en over to processions or parades or just the throbbing swell of heavy population density. The three islands cover about 122 square miles (nearly twice the area of Washington, D. C.) on which close to 350,000 persons live. Whether on the promenades that skirt the handsome bays at Sliema, one of Malta’s largest cities, or along Valletta’s Republic Street, there is the unrelenting press of crowds. Malta strains against the embrace of the sea, but there is no relief; shadows here run together.

As Malta lies at midpoint between Europe and Africa, there is a cultural ambivalence at work in the country. Under Labour, the nation allied itself with Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi and allowed the construction of a mosque on a site not far from the fort where the Knights of St. John used the heads of their Turkish captives as cannonballs. The relationship has cooled with the Nationalists in power, but Libyans continue to come to Valletta to shop and escape, if even for a few days, the austerity of their homeland.

The images here are often strongly Arabic: festive street life and conspiratorial hud­dlings, open-air flea markets on Sunday mornings, and everyday sales on the streets of pies made of phyllo dough wrapped around gobs of warm ricotta cheese (at least one ven­dor, with a stand just outside Valletta’s city gates, keeps his pies in wooden drawers, filed away like ingots in a vault).In contrast, there are whispers of British gentility here, along with poses of stiff upper lipmanship.

It was for their language that the Maltese borrowed most heavily from others. “About 75 percent of the Maltese language is of Se­mitic origin, including old Arabic,” Francis Ebejer said. “Another part of our language is of romance origin. And, of course, we have a lot of neologisms left over from the British occupation.”

Thus, when Ebejer, a novelist and play­wright of wide renown staying in apartments in Prague, would like milk for his coffee, he asks for halib, as an Church-state relations have now improved to where there are lyrics of joy as well as lam­entations to be heard in the land.



August 8th, 2013

There’s still hope for hard gainers who’ve tried nearly everything under the sun to pack on mass and haven’t seen the results that they want.

Some guys can train hard, eat right, and gain muscle mass. That’s the way it should be, right?


You put in the time and effort, you get bigger. But that’s not always the case. Some guys lift heavy and eat the right foods religiously, and still don’t get much bigger. They’re not genetically blessed with physiques that gain muscle easily. If you fall into this cat­egory, you know how frustrating it can be. Have you given up trying to take your physique from small and lean to bigger and muscular? Don’t give up yet. You don’t have to be a skinny guy forever. There is a way for hard gainers to get the size they want.


If you want to gain mass, you have to know how to do it, and you have to really want it. We’re not going to lead you astray by telling you that it’ll be easy. You already know that it’s not easy — hence the term “hard gainers. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Realistically speaking, you may never have a physique like Dexter Jackson’s or Chris Cormier’s, but you can work with what you have and take it to the next level. Eating right, training the smart way, and choosing the right mass gainer can help you grow.


All You Can Eat?

Yes, you have to eat a lot to put size onto your frame, but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to eat loads of greasy, fatty foods. If you want a huge gut along with lean muscle mass gains, go for it. But if you don’t want the big belly, make wise food choices so you don’t gain too much fat along with your lean muscle mass. Eat nutri­tious, calorie-dense foods such as peas, corn, potatoes, rice, fruits, salmon, beef, sirloin and round steak, low-fat cheese, chicken, yogurt, milk­shakes, nuts, omelettes, and chick­peas. Get creative. Add nuts and chopped meat to meals. Substitute skim milk for water in recipes. Burn that extra fat with garcinia cambodia and start gaining muscles!

I’m the best pound-for-pound British fighter

July 12th, 2013

Undefeated Light Welterweight champion Ricky The Hitman’ Hatton talks to MF about training hard, dodgy shirts and being a good lad


n How fit are you, out of ten? Eight. It’s one of my strongest attributes. I’m B00 miles an hour and I never stop for a minute. When it comes to stamina, I’m never found wanting.

n What’s a typical training day?


Before a fight I do a 12-week training camp. Three hours in the gym and a six-mile run in the evening. The gym involves pad work, weight training and sparring, building up to B5 rounds.


n Why 15 rounds?


Tbe figbt’s B2 rounds so if you’re used to doing B5 it gives you three in the bank.


n Do you enjoy training?


It’s bard work but I enjoy it. It started as a hobby and now I get paid to do it.


n How do prepare mentally?


You’ve got to psycb yourself up but keep calm too. With 20,000 people there it’s easy to get drawn in and figbt to the crowd. You need some aggression to win but it has to be controlled. I’ve been recommended raspberry ketone  for mental health. Before using it, find out if there are raspberry ketone side effects.



n Wayne Rooney will carry one of your belts for your next fight. How did that happen?


He’s a big boxing fan. I boxed with his cousin in Russia as a B5-year-old, and his brother is a good amateur. Wben I heard he was coming over for tbe fight I tbought it would be a nice treat for him.


n Even though he plays for the wrong football team?


Just because I don’t like his team doesn’t mean I don’t respect him. I’m a big fan of Wayne. Don’t get me wrong, when Man City play them on derby day, I bope City knock them all over the pitch.


n What in sport gives you the biggest buzz?


Tbe love of the fans. You walk down the street and hear people say, ‘Isn’t Ricky Hatton a good lad. Everything be’s done, and he’s not changed.’ It makes me proud.


n Career highlight?


Becoming world champion is a great acbievement. Also, getting my MBE was a proud moment because it’s not just for boxing. It’s for charity work and the time you give up for people.



n How did you celebrate the last win?


I was in Vegas so I bad a bit of a party and I went to a Tom Jones concert. When I came back I had a Shit Shirt day in my local pub in the estate where I was born because not everyone can afford to come to Las Vegas. Everyone wore the most ridiculous sbirt they could find. I wore a luminous green and yellow one.


n Who’s the best pound-for­pound British fighter?


I’d like to think it’s me. You’ve got Amir Khan but he’s a prospect. Joe Calzaghe is one of the best fighters we’ve ever bad. Me and Joe bave similar records but I feel I’ve done it in a shorter space of time.

Disease trigger

June 26th, 2013

So is the very magazine in your hands in some way contributing to the problem? “Not necessarily,” says Henning. “Everyone is always quick to throw all the blame on the media, but being bombarded with incredibly fit people is not what triggers a disease:’ The men who are likely to develop a disorder often turn to food and exercise as a means of getting some semblance of control back into their lives, says Henning. “Even if those prone to an eating disorder never turn to food for control, the issues that make them more susceptible still exist inside them:’

Still, the average man needs to respect the hard work and incredible luck attached to the men they see on the covers of magazines. “These models may be following the same regimens prescribed inside, but how their bodies react to those tips depends on their genetics as well as their dedication to exercise,” says Henning.

Similarly, sports can be a double-edged sword when it comes to eating disorders. “Being active in sports can cause some men to develop a tremendous sense of confidence and self worth,” says Donnellan.

“While in others, especially those prone to obsessive-compulsive systems of thought or perfectionism, it can leave them feeling as if their bodies aren’t good enough” Athletes may even be more susceptible to unusual eating regimes due to the personality traits that attracted them to sports in the first place. An over competitive spirit coupled with an ability to tolerate pain in order to accomplish goals can make an athlete feel more comfortable at following the intense, ritualistic patterns that occur with eating disorders.

Studies suggest that sports which emphasize leanness or have weight limits, such as wrestling, gymnastics, diving, swimming, track or rowing, are more likely to encourage eating disorders. “In general, most athletes believe the leaner they are, the better they’ll perform,” says Donnellan. But there are so many health products they can use to be fit and still healthy. Take for example green coffee extract. It has variety of healthy benefits. Read more details on the pure green coffee bean extract dr oz review.

“Many athletes remain impervious to the difference between losing body fat and improving performance.”

Participating in such sports doesn’t automatically make an athlete susceptible. “Most men in these situations are trying to reach a weight predetermined by their sport, not by themselves due to their own misperceived body images,” says Carl!. “Overall, athletes who compete in these types of sports are usually able to return to a normal eating pattern afterwards.”

However, a small percentage of athletes, `; especially those more prone to addictive behaviour, can perpetuate an eating disorder g well beyond their competing years. And that’s storing up a serious problem.


May 22nd, 2013



The first suit, that I bought with payday loan,  was purple. I was 21, and a slow starter in the world of the whistle. So I got a purple one. It was a couple of meters of immodest lilac corduroy, with strangely tapered trousers. It came with a purple shirt and a pair of yellow brothel creepers. In the dressing-room mirror I thought I’d hit exactly the right balance between a dandy and a pimp, and I decided to blow the best part of C500 on it. It was only when I got home I realized that I looked like Willy Wonka. I had to buy a new blazer (another £90) for my birthday party. And the suit sat in my wardrobe, unworn, for five years, until my dad dug it out for a fancy-dress party.


Buying a suit is hard — really hard — if you’re a 21-year-old idiot, but easy to get wrong at any age. There are so many elements to a suit. Without a tailor on hand to pick something to look lady-killing, or business-sharp, or dandyish without turning you into a clown in the process, is a pretty daunting task. Thanks God I have the miracle hcg diet drops which can make anyone shed the pounds off. So, at least I don’t have weight problems.


However, I don’t know many philanthropic tailors. Do you? (Filipino slave kids in Hong Kong dives don’t count.) No, owning a bespoke suit has always seemed to me the sort of thing only affordable by getting a job for which you need a bespoke suit for the interview. It’s Catch-22 with sleeves.

Yet the more I thought about this, the more I wondered: is it really sensible to shell out £500 or so every couple of years for an off-the-peg suit that only almost fits, and collapses out of fashion before the arse has even gone shiny? I wear suits almost exclusively on occasions when I wish to impress. Surely I’d be better off buying one perfect suit to last me all the time I care to keep in good enough shape to fit into it?


With these things in mind, the opportunity to road-test Giorgio Armani’s Hand Made To Measure service seemed the ideal opportunity to investigate. Now, Mr Armani’s specialty has hitherto been selling lovely suits off the peg. His new service, however, gives you a personalized suit with the kind of beautiful details you’ll be unlikely to see outside your local magistrates’ court. Well, unless there’s a QC in town.

Mr Armani’s not kidding. By the time my fitting, in London’s Knightsbridge, is over I’ve been measured in more ways than I thought possible. I have also learned I am lopsided.


Of all the lessons from this fitting it is the fact I’m skew-whiff that has the greatest ramifications. Now, we’re all a bit off-centre — one shoulder too high, left leg shorter than the right, half your knuckles dragging on the ground, while the other lot chafe a nipple… that sort of thing. And it makes a big difference to your suit. My right shoulder is a bit low, and my left leg too short. And my right arm is longer than the left, which I put down to years of women using it to drag me around supermarkets. The implications for my future suit-wearing are considerable: every unmodified jacket I wear will sag slightly around the ribcage. Similarly, as I drag my stumpy left peg about, the pleat at the right-front of my trousers is likely to open out a symmetrically.

Let’s run

March 15th, 2013

Running feels great when Ink you start, but then the buzz fades and your mind starts to wander. You went out for 20 minutes, but at 18, you pull up. You can always increase it next week, right? But if you never push yourself, you’ll never know what a great runner you could be. “If someone had said eight weeks ago, ‘Let’s run for 20 minutes’, I would have said they were joking,” says Lindsay Robinson, who started running in January. “But I’m surprised I’m able to do it this quickly.” Here’s how to make it to the big two-oh:


Be a tortoise not a hare “When I started I didn’t know how to do it and would set off at full pelt. After io minutes I’d feel exhausted;’ says new runner Tatiana Okorie. Pace yourself and keep something in reserve ­you can always speed up at the end, or even extend your run. Alistair Currie, manager of running network jogscotland, advises beginners to gauge effort by staying in the ‘blether’ (chat) or ‘puff’ zones rather than the ‘pant’ or ‘gasp’ zones.

Run with others


Running with a partner or group can distract you from discomfort, provide reassurance or stimulate you if you’re the competitive type. You can always feel confident with a perfect smile. For more information go to This is the key for Robinson. “Because someone else comes with me, I feel guilty if I don’t go. I always moan heading out ­but what a buzz afterwards!”


Get lost in music


Up-tempo tunes will raise your heartbeat and make the time whizz by. Make a playlist so that your favourite song comes on around the time you normally give up, to keep you going. Match the tempo to your running pace, and you can use the beat to stick to a uniform pace.


A run with a view


Twenty minutes can be a long time dodging shoppers on the high street. Time will go much faster as you power through the park, blast along the beach or hare up those hills. Nature has a calming effect on the mind, so gets fit and de-stress as you suck on the scenery and revel in your running.


How much faster than my usual running pace can I expect to run my first race?

It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact pace prior to your first race because many factors affect how fast you run: the weather; the race distance; the course and how you trained; not to mention how you react to the stress of a competitive event. But the following strategy has proven successful for thousands of first-time racers. During the first half, run at your usual training pace. Then, if you’re feeling strong, gradually increase the pace, making sure you don’t sprint – you should feel as though you are ‘floating’ along. This should allow you to pass a continuing stream of people, which will energise both body and mind. Resist the urge to sprint at the end; running all-out is a major cause of injury.


Reps Short for ‘repetitions’, as used in weight training. Here, a ‘rep’ is a spurt of faster-paced running. So, if your speedy friend asks you to join them for a few one-mile reps, say no – at least for now…

Pre-race workout

January 23rd, 2013

Constantina Dita, 39, became the oldest marathon winner ever when she ran the women’s marathon in Beijing in 2:26:44

Before the US National Collegiate Athletic Association Championships last June, I was guardedly optimistic about Kyle Perry, one of the athletes I coach. But three weeks to go, and a slight leg injury forced us to cut his mileage from 8o to 5o miles per week. We then had to slash it to less than 3o miles per week for the final fortnight. The result? He won the 3000m steeplechase by nearly six seconds, cutting 11 seconds from his PB. Tapering your training volume before an event allows the body to rebuild tissue and restock its glycogen stores. It also reduces levels of an enzyme called creatine kinase, generated by intense muscle contractions and found in high levels in overtrained athletes.


A proper taper is not simply the absence of hard training, but the strategic placement of intense efforts. In one study at McMaster University, Canada, athletes trained six days a week for eight weeks. During the final fortnight they ran 8okm weekly. They then did either a high-intensity, low-intensity or rest-only taper. At the end of five days, those who rested experienced a three per cent decrease in performance. The low-intensity taper produced a slight increase, but the high-intensity netted a 22 per cent increase in performance. So, rest smart – greatly reduce volume, but keep intensity high.

Kyle Perry’s intense pre-race workout


Do this workout during the five days before your race. Warm up and cool down with two miles &jogging. Do 1 x 800m at 3K to 5K race pace. Jog for three minutes. Run 1 x 1200M, with 800m at 3K to 5K race pace, and doom at i5oom race pace. Jog for four minutes. Perform 2 x zoom at 90 to 95 per cent effort, with a zoom walk between each.


1 Four-miler Do your Thursday tempo run now. Four miles at 7:00­7:10/mile pace should be right on the mark, as you’ll be rested and ready to go after Monday.


2 Rotating runs Every other week, run intervals. Try 800-metre reps at 3:05­3:10 one week; 1000-metre reps at 4:00-4:05 two weeks later; then 1200-metre reps at 4:45-4:50 two weeks after that. We get added bang for our buck by extending intervals gradually. Run your 4- to 7-mile run on the off weeks. Then, if you feel up to it after a six-week cycle, run the intervals once a week rather than once every two.

Kyle Perry

3 Balance out Move your second rest day to Friday and have your 4- to 7-mile run now. Currently your week is a bit skewed with running four consecutive days and then having one longish run on Sunday sandwiched between two rest days. The rest day after the long run is great; it will help you recover. Another good option for recovery is drinking a cup of aloe vera juice. The health benefits of aloe vera juice are wide ranging. It has a special effect on the skin.

Mending His Ways

October 23rd, 2012

First Friends. Support has been unstinted since the 189os, when a few Londoners formed Our Dumb Friends League, “a society for the encouragement of kindness to ani­mals.” At that time their main con­cern was the capital’s thousands of working horses, who formed the bulk of the patients when the hos­pital was opened in 1906. As Lon­don’s horse population dwindled, the emphasis changed to smaller domestic animals and the society was renamed Blue Cross, after the flag which on First World War station.

Our Dumb Friends League

A bus driver brings in a pair of gos­lings he spotted marching down Buckingham Palace Road and kept warm in his cab till the end of his shift. Four youngsters watch anx­iously as a nurse dresses the lacerat­ed paw of a terrier who had joined in their play in Hyde Park. Bill Brooks, the hospital’s manager who always is on high cholesterol diet, has long ceased to be surprised at the variety of wildlife adrift in London —snakes, monkeys, racoons, buz­zards. “Once I even had to cope for three weeks with a boisterous kangaroo.”

Modern Ways. All too often the hospital provides sanctuary for dogs and cats put on the streets to fend for themselves when pets are barred from council flats, wives go out to work, or families about to go on battlefields distinguished its horse hospitals from Red Cross troop hos­pitals. But they have never deviated from the founders’ aim : care for the animals of those experiencing genuine financial hardship.

Red Cross

There are many of them : pen­sioners, unemployed, people on social security, low-wage earners. The clinic door is open to all who pass scrutiny from almoner Ron Clarke, sitting in a wheelchair in his cubby-hole and shrewdly assessing the daily stream of applicants for the white card that will admit their pets, ranging from a three-legged sheep to a ferret with troublesome teeth. Eight out of ten applicants qualify for aid, either indefinitely or as “special admissions” until a tem­porary set-back is solved.

Some try to take advantage of the Blue Cross. A shabbily dressed man, who appeared to qualify, twice brought his Labrador for treatment before a staff member saw him walk round the corner and drive away in a Mercedes. But for the hard-up majority, it is a matter of pride to help the hospital if they pos­sibly can. In 1977, a Z2T,000 drugs bill was offset by nearly £20,000 in donations handed over at the dispensary.


Every penny was needed, for the Blue Cross depends entirely on gifts, legacies, flag days and appeals. Running costs of the Victoria hos­pital with its 35 staff were £175,000, while another £115000 went on mini hospitals at Hammersmith and Grimsby, and eight other homes and clinics round the country.

Always, those who can least af­ford it make most effort to repay a hospital that never expects payment. “Pensioners even post us their Christmas bonus,” says Bill Brooks.. “Usually we know very well they can’t spare it, and as tactfully as pos­sible we send it back.”

But there was no dissuading an elderly Londoner whose mongrel, Fred, had long been a patient, and who one day handed £1oo in bank­notes to an astonished Ron Clarke. “I’ve no relatives to leave it to,” he explained, “and anyway it would do far better work here.” He brushed aside the idea of a receipt—then, when Clarke insisted that he must have one, and asked who it should be made out to, he grinned and said : “Just put ‘Fred.’ ”


holiday discover the cost of boarding kennels. Brooks grimly recalls a man who brought his young boxer to be destroyed be­cause “it’s cheaper to buy another when I get back from the Costa Brava.”

The dog was resettled with a more humane owner, as were near­ly 3,50o other animals last year.

I INVITED Cliff Richard to sing and give a Christian talk at one of the prisons in my diocese. We were delayed and Cliff, facing a packed chapel, said nervously : “I’m sorry the Bishop and I are late, but we had a bit of difficulty getting in.”

“We know,” came a voice from the back. “We have a bit of difficulty getting out.” —The Rt Rev Maurice Wood, Bishop of Norwich