Real Estate Agents in Solihull have said that if we choose to exit the EU it will have a negative impact over the next few years

The 2016 twelve-monthly tempo of property prices in the Britain have declined to 4.9% in April, it’s dropped from being 5.7% the prior month In March of 2016 the annual pace of house prices in the UK was at 5.7% and dropped to 4.9% in April. In November 2015 property costs were at their lowest monthly interest, that was until April 2016 once they only increased by 0.2%. Currently the demand for commercial property has dropped to a record low. In March the sales of homes was a record high, this is since property owners rushed to beat an rise in stamp study. The decline is partially due to the fact that global buyers have been put off by the possibility of the United kingdoms leave from the European Union; since the EU referendum started to be a certainty international traders have lost interest in the UKs commercial property. A United kingdom leave from the EU would definitely have a negative influence on the profitable property sector, this is what was assumed by 43% of surveyors; 6% assume it would have a good effect.

Real Estate Agents in Solihull have said that if we choose to exit the EU it will have a negative impact over the next few years, as home costs will fall. While some think the drop in value might be good information for first time buyers. First time buyers would have less competition when attempting to purchase a home. The fall in rental inflation might end up making private property owners sell their properties.

Many people are contemplating whether or not the fall of house costs, if we exit the EU, would be a bad thing. A drop in house prices could probably be a good thing, as it would bring the average property values down to a sustainable amount. The main advantage would be that it would be beneficial for first time buyer’s particularly younger ones. Things may not improve immediately for first time buyers it could over time. Even though it might have a negative outcome on landlords if they have to advertise their homes, as they might not get as much as they previously could. The housing market as a whole may get worse, as the next ten years go by. This could mean that the cost of residences will increase, some up to £1m and higher. This would make things harder for first time buyers.

Brexit can swipe 25% off the typical house value. In North Wales there has been several houses reducing by 7.5% in price over the past twelve months The cost of houses in North Wales has been decreasing, in the last year, by roughly 7.5%. There would be an increase in interest rates and a major correction in the housing market, as well as inferior growth, this would additionally trigger the sharp fall in property prices. Unless you are a buy-to-let landlord or about to sell your home, then the price of homes don’t affect you. Property transactions are likely to decrease in the second quarter as likely buyers await the outcome Potential buyers will be awaiting the outcome of the declining prices, that will result in property transactions declining throughout the second quarter. There has already been a drop in European buyers in the most recent 3 months; this has then contributed to a decline in prices in the capitals luxury postcodes of as much as 12% compared to previous year The lack of European buyers being interested in United kingdom houses over the previous few months, has ended up contributing to the decrease of costs within capitals luxurious postcodes. Some property owners are not put off by this since they are looking to buy smaller properties for which let demand still remains high.…

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Things to consider while Building an Extension for your Home

b39eef0cab45e887a6b7ba29c38a9b1aIf you are really planning to do extension for your home with your own, then it can be a dangerous thing to consider unless you are very much experienced in construction field. With the increase in prices of real estate, now a number of owners are choosing an option to extend their current house without investing money in another project.

For this, lot of factors has to be considered in mind starting any work. Some of the points to keep in mind are:

Designing & Planning

It is very important to consider the design of the extension to perform; it has to be your first priority. Always try to match the standards such as the roof with current building, and sure enough to use similar materials and textures. You can do planning for this as taking layout of your rooms, making a note about the style of doors and windows. b1Hiring an architect for this work can be a better thing, because of his experience involved.

Considering Neighbors

It is always a good idea to ensure that the extension you are about to make will not lie under the properties of your neighbors. Involving your neighbors can give you lots of advantages and can save your time in advance. Later on even if they make any objections or concerns regarding extension you can remind them their considerations you have made while doing that work.

Taking Planning permission

house-966346_1920Most of the time while extending your own property, there is a need of successful application for planning arises, so that you can start your work without any twist any turns related to your construction work. In this way you can undertake our work without any hesitation. The planning permission requires in cases like in case you have a proposed plan of extending your home, which is not in a compliance of general rules and regulations of your municipality area.

Executing the Plan

One your proposed plan has received the authorization of local council, then after a few week of verification by the planning officer and granting of your plan, you can start your work without any hesitation. In case, proposed plan is not up to the mark according to the local planning officer then making some changes to the plan and you have to apply once again for getting authorization to your work.

Picking workforce and a Builder

3a3c29ab082bf61a2fab5bee4c6eb704It is always very important to choose workers who can deliver you the desired result with less amount of time and with minimum cost. You can find reputational workforce by doing research well in advance and taking advice of a builder.

For picking up the best contractor, it would be nice to approach to different contractors, taking their quotations as well as the overall cost associated with building the extension including your labor cost and material cost. After picking the right contractor sign a legal contract with them and start your work after some time.

At last remember one thing that you are the boss of this project, you have to deal with large labor force, your builders, plumbers etc. So don’t be afraid to ask them about the growth of the project and what they are doing so that you can make a change on the spot if something is not going by your choice.

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